Home Improvement Tips for Lawns this Summer

Summer is a time for excitement, bright colors and lively moods. This should be shown not only in the house, but also in the garden. The right mix of landscaping ideas will deliver an exotic, lovely and lively mix of flowers. The good thing is that one does not need expert skills in gardening to make a well-manicured lawn. Some home improvement tips, simple tools and a lot of creativity will bring home garden and lawns to life.

Potted plants make landscaping a lot easier because they’re simple to plant and grow. Towards the start of summer, one should choose plants with bright colors, shallow roots and low height. A little creativity can be used in rearranging pots in shapes, and placing them strategically. Potted flowers will get dry very fast when put outside in hot weather, so they should be watered regularly. Otherwise, one can make a drip irrigation system out of used bottles. Make sure to punch a small nail size hole on the cap. These are then placed upside down on the pot.

Summer is a time when the ground gets dry, plants wither, and there is a shortage of water. Some authorities ration water and even regulate its use. That means there will be less water for the garden. Irrigation should be prioritized on high-risk plants. These include recently planted plants, flowerbeds, and wilting plants. One should also check areas where there are signs of yellowing leaves and wilting plants. The rest of the landscaping work could take less than an inch of water per week. Mulching also helps conserve some water. Plants should not be watered at night, as this encourages the development of diseases.

When mowing grass in preparation for seeding or planting, dead grass should be removed by scalping the lawn with the lowest setting on the mower. Excess clippings should be raked and used for compost or bagged for later use as a weed killer. When using a low blade setting on the mower, be careful of rocks and debris that may break a window. In case of a broken window in your home or greenhouse, we recommend and partner with Replacement Windows Cave Creek for all our window repair needs.

There are a lot of weeds creeping up during this period. Pulling weeds as they come up is the best way to ensure that the lawn looks great all the time. Weeds harbor pests, and their growth could bring in diseases to the lawn. Care should be taken not to cut delicate plant roots when digging. This would make the plants wither faster than ever. Another common occurrence during summer is the emergence of hitherto hidden diseases, and also lots of pests. A lawn specialist could help point out the kind of treatments that are needed in the garden should one notice wilting plants. The faster one acts before the disease spreads, the less chance there is of losing plants.

Entrances and long walks to the garden could be brightened up with flowery potted plants. Summer flowers like petunias, orange marigold or the lovely zinnias are a good choice. For hedges and long plants, thorough trimming should not be done during summer. They are most likely going to develop brown spots or dried petals, but if landscaping is done well, and maintained, the lawn is going to stay green all summer, creating a serene, lively, and bright home.

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